B.D.M. manufactures abrasive products of the best trademarks, such as ribbons, rolled cloth, patterned cloth, small knobs, brushes and various parts for the making of soles and footwear.
    Some B.D.M. technical parts. Quality getting new.    
The FIBRAL wheel , designed by BDM , has turned out to be quite useful to clean natural leather as well as plastic soles ; in this way it's possible to remove paint spots and marks on the bottom of the sole without spoiling the leather, which will be clean as if it had just come out of the skimming machine. Besides, the FIBRAL wheel can also be used for a further finish of the heel..

Automatic Emery Wheek Cylindrical, conical, shaped for grinding,polishing any surface: leather,wood, metals Wideley employed in the Wood and Footwear industries.

Wheels and Grinders
We can also produce emery shaped wheels for the solegrindig process in the following thicness..
New Automatic grinding wheel diam.80 height 70 is equipped with the B.D.M. patented clamping system. It is designed with very small diameter to allow access to very narrow points such as the central section of the sole. The grinding wheel can be on an ordinary grinding machine at the end of the drive shaft. It is ideal for use on a machine having vertical drive shaft, such as the ELLEGI GL14
Profiles for some shaped emery wheels. Download ZIP file.
- Canvas-cotton brushes
- Cloth and canvas brushes
- Woollen brushes
- Military cloth brushes


- Wheels and grinders
- Various swabs
- Horsehair brushes

- Grinding wheels for slating cutters
mole Products:
- Steel brushes for carding shoes and soles
spazzole acciaio
- Steel and rubber brushes for carding shoes
Spazzole in Acciaio e gomma
- Abrasive spiralbets