B.D.M has been present on the market since 1970, as a company specialized in the production and marketing of AUTOMATIC GRINDING WHEELS as well as of a wide range of abrasive and technical products for the manufacturing of footwear and wooden articles.

Thanks to the support of highly advanced techniques, the AUTOMATIC GRINDING WHEELS are manufactured with the highest precision, thus satisfying any requirement of profile, attachment and features..

B.D.M. appeals to:

Soles and footwear manufacturers
Furnishing factories
Furniture factories
Any manufacturing activity needing grinding articles

B.D.M. exports to:

France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Malta, Greece, England, Romania, U.S.A., Brazil ,Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, China ,South Africa

Contact B.D.M. :

B.D.M. Abrasive Division SRL
Via Samoggia, 27
40017 San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO) Italy
0039 340 643 9425 Office
0039 329 594 8141 Dondi Marco